Matlab distribution nightmares…

I am getting to the point where I have to seriously test, debug, refactor, and document my Matlab code. I have already spent a lot of time on a first round of refactoring, changing my main file from many thousands of lines of code to a couple of hundred. This means I have many more Matlab functions cluttering up various folders.

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Sounding Communities: Dis-Location in the Age of Interaction

Here are some initial thoughts on a topic of research I am thinking of undertaking in the near future. This line of thinking came about while working on my latest string quartet (to be premiered on Feb. 9th at the Rosza Centre at the UofC) where I use the idea of “decoupling”. Applying this technique of the post-post-modern school of composition to networked music seemed to work as the concept of networked music itself already is a kind of decoupling. Without further ado here is my (submitted) abstract for an upcoming conference: Continue reading

Terminal: It’s a Wild Batch

The real power of the command line comes from the ability to work on your data in batch. We already saw the * character as the wildcard. It will match anything and everything. For example if we were to look for a file and only remembered the first letter of it we could write:


This would match every file starting with “a”.
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Hello World…

For my first post I thought I would start a small series on UNIX commands, more specifically how to use the Terminal app on OS X. Over the years I have heard about this mystical land called “command line” and “terminal” but never got past the text entry and weird looking syntax. So hopefully in the near future you will understand and maybe even appreciate the following cartoon I got from


Terminal Intro

The Terminal application (Applications/Utilities/ on OSX is a powerful tool for users to gain greater control over their working environment. Since OSX is based on UNIX, most UNIX commands will work here. However, Apple also added custom commands that leverage the power of OSX for the command line (more about that in a later post).

While I was aware of the “Command Line” for quite some time, I have never had the need or time to delve into this daunting and sometimes scary environment. This changed when OSX (10.7 ?) started to hide the “Library” folder from us and I needed to access it. So I googled and found this:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

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