This is a larger toolbox for Computer Vision type projects. It is a work in progress and is always expanded and updated. This was originally started when I was a research assistant at the University of British Columbia for a SSHR funded project called “IMuSE”. Here is a link to the project page:

There is also a paper which you can find here: research

Since then, this has grown and was adapted for other projects (including my DMA thesis). Some of it is documented, some of it is somewhat documented, some has no documentation at all.

I once started a document to describe the concept and workings of this toolbox, which can be downloaded at the link below:

CVToolbox (partial) intro

It is no longer up to date, but should help in understanding how to use these tools.

The folder “instrumentTracking” includes larger bpatchers that were used by several colleagues in various compositions and installations.

This library uses several externals as well as other abstractions from other sections of my max libraries. I hope everything you need is included or can be found elsewhere on this site. If not, please email me and I will get you up and running.