Wibbly Wobbly

– a peer connected, peer controlled stopwatch




A peer connected, peer controlled stopwatch with optional time-offset. Makes it easy to rehearse/perform time-based music. Musicians don’t need to sit around and wait for timed cues or try and synchronize stopwatches offstage!



I specifically created this app for ensembles and musicians interested in performing pieces using stopwatches. Such pieces usually require the ensemble to try and synchronize the stopwatches off-stage and then start playing at the 2 or 3 minute mark. The situation gets more complicated during rehearsals when different sections need to be played. Rather than waiting for several minutes to get to the indicated time, or mentally adding/subtracting time, Wibbly Wobbly will take care of it for the musician.

The app automatically connects to all opened, nearby Wibbly Wobbly apps (via wifi or bluetooth) and every connected peer can control everyone. This means that a conductor can start the timing with all the performers on stage, ready to play. A global time-offset can also be added to facilitate rehearsals (e.g.: start at 12 minutes and 30 second).


New in version 1.1:

OSC (http://opensoundcontrol.org) capabilities were added to control the app from any OSC enabled device. Clicking the connection number in the lower right corner will open the “Connected Devices” panel. Here the IP of the current device will be shown in the bottom left.

Using this IP the following commands can be sent to the device, which in turn will forward the received OSC commands to all connected devices listed:

/wibblywobbly start
/wibblywobbly pause
/wibblywobbly resume
/wibblywobbly reset
/wibblywobbly remove
/wibblywobbly direction
/wibblywobbly offset INTEGER

The “offset” command takes a single number as an argument, which is the offset time in seconds. For example, /wibblywobbly offset 600 will add an offset of 10 minutes.

The port is currently hardcoded to receive on 9876.


Any bug reports, feature requests, or comments are welcome at: apps@martin-ritter.com