Creating a tiled figure from multiple image files

Today I would like to show a simple and quick solution of how to create a tiled figure (in Terminal).

I am writing a paper right now and needed to show 8 related score examples in a single figure:







I tried a number of different solutions (GIMP, Inkscape, Preview, etc) but nothing worked the way I was hoping it to. Imagemagick to the rescue (, specifically the montage option (

My final, montaged figure looks like this:


And here is the code that made it happen:

montage -pointsize 55 -label 'm.1' m1.png -label 'm.64' m64.png -label 'm.67' m67.png -label 'm.80' m80.png -label 'm.83' m83.png -label 'm.92' m92.png -label 'm.101' m101.png -label 'm.137' m137.png -geometry '1x1+0+0<' -background white montage_score.png


Quick breakdown:

-pointsize      font size to use


-label ‘string’ file.png set string to be displayed under the file.png

Add as many label/file pairs as you want. montage takes care of the tiling for you (of course you can set it manually as well if need be).


-geometry set how the input file will be scaled and spaced

1x1 shrink the image to 1×1 pixels

+0+0 leave a 0 pixel offset around the images

< NEVER shrink the input images

The < command overrides the 1x1 command with the side effect that the largest image will be used as the tile size.


-background set the background colour; putting “none” would be no/transparent background


And finally the output filename.


That’s it. Everything neatly tiled with a minimum of effort. For a detailed overview of the commands and options see:

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